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Denim Jacket
GLWA002  $70.00
Red Shirt with Heart
GLWA005  $30.00
Felted Wool Jacket
GLWA004  $150.00
Denim Vest
GLWA003  $50.00
Vest w/ Iris Appliqué
GLWA006  $40.00
Sweatshirt w/ Flowers
GLWA009  $20.00
Stitched Denim Jeans
GLWA008  $25.00
Patchwork Jacket
GLWA007  $75.00
sweatshirt with flowers front.JPG stitched jeans 1a.JPG patchwork jacket front.JPG iris vest front.jpg heart stitched on red shirt.JPG felted wool jacket front.JPG denim vest back.JPG denim jacket 1b.JPG

This is a good quality sweatshirt in a beautiful grape color sized to layer over a sweater of turtle neck t-shirt.  It is embellished with flowers, yarns, and a star at the neckline for the star that you will be when you wear this garment.

These jean legs have been stitched with many different designs and threads.  If you wish to supply me with a pair of jeans of the design and size that works for you I will stitch a pair for you using incorporating colors of your choosing.

This jacket was made from many different fabrics that were cut and placed in a pleasing manner.  It is lined with a black fabric.  The sleeves’ cuffs are elastic encased in the cuff material allowing for a pleasing blousing of the sleeve.

This vest was constructed of a fabric that appears to be quilted and is fully lined with a beautiful cotton batik that compliments the colors in the iris.  The iris is appliquéd in a design that complements the vest design itself.

This is a cotton shirt in the sweatshirt style.  White buttons have been stitched to the shirt along with hand stitching as a further embellishment.

This jacket is made of hand dyed felted wool pieces of fabric.  It is fully lined with a colorful cotton fabric.  The sections of the jacket were joined by machine and hand.  All of the embellishing was done by hand creating a unique, one of a kind garment.

The back panel was made using the deconstructed screen printing method.  Each pull of the screen creates a slightly different image as the screen starts to deconstruct.  It has been stitched and some bling included with stones added.  Read More…

This jacket has been stitched multiple times using a machine that has many decorative stitches and using many different threads resulting in a unique, one if a kind garment.  Read More…

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